Automagically copy text with correct citations from Westlaw, Lexis, and other websites.*

"We cannot impress too strongly upon counsel in all cases the importance to us of correct citations." Hughes v. Wyatt, 125 N.W. 334, 336 (Iowa 1910).
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Suppose you want to use the quote from Kay v. Erhler suggesting that a lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client.  Simply highlight the passage you want to copy: play1
Then right-click and select "Copy with CiteGenie (or press Ctrl-Shift-C)." play1
CiteGenie shows you the result, and places it in your clipboard. You can now paste the text with citation into any other program. play1
Wait a second you ask.  Why is that "*438" imbeded in the quote?  One of CiteGenie's configurable options is to retain the *-pagination inside a quotation that spans multiple pages.  Why would you want that?   Well, suppose you are doing research and collecting several quotes for later use.  Then later you wanted to trim the quote and drop the first few words.  If you did not retain the *-pagination, you would not know that you should also change the pinpoint.  You can, of course, disable this feature.

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